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Torment - Book 2
by Will Molinar


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The battle with the northmen has been won and Prince Jason is now the king of the realm. While his sister Jacqueline loses herself to evil, Brahm takes a party of celestials into the netherworld to discover the ultimate plan of the enemy.

From Descendent...

   Things would never be the same again.
   They never could be. Not after what had happened. On the surface, everything looked much improved. The northern invaders had been repulsed, beaten back by the defenders. The castle stood. The walls were intact. The people still lived. In a military sense it had been a resounding victory.
   But Brahm knew it was not that simple. Whatever had possessed them still lingered. No matter what Hallis said, the origin of the malaise was unexplained. He’s gone now anyway, damn him, Brahm thought. Back to his own people to give his report. At least he was smart enough to avoid the filth surrounding them now.
   Whatever happened next was anyone’s guess.

Book 3 - Abyssal

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