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by Lynn Jeffcott


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A collection of true stories about miracles and divine intervention; a book of comfort and hope in our troubled times, an affirmation that we are never alone, even in our darkest moments.

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From Don't Be Afraid of the Storm...

   He lay on his back, his eyes closed, listening to Jessie’s soft breathing. If he could fall asleep, he could escape the terrible feeling, he thought.
   Sleep came to him, but it was a disturbing twilight sleep. From his half-awake state he heard a voice murmuring his name. It called softly but insistently. Then something invisible began to pull the pillow from underneath his head, inch by inch. Even in his semiconscious state, he grabbed his pillow and hung on. Suddenly, the unseeable force delivered a mighty yank. August’s eyes popped open just as his pillow was snatched from under his head, and he was left holding its weight dangling over the side of the bed.
   “Is that you, Jessie?” he whispered, pulling the pillow up on the bed.

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