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Blood and Treasure Series - Book 2
by J.S. Bradford

Darla Angleton, a talented and courageous paralegal, takes on an organization of leftist radicals who demand that the Distinguished Service Cross be eliminated as a military medal because it violates the First Amendment requirement of separation of church and state and is offensive  
to non-Christians.

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From Don't Crucify Us...

“Why are you doing this?” cried out Florence in anguish. Wasn’t it enough that her son was dead, defending his country against a world gone mad? Couldn’t she just bury him in peace?

One of the protestors – clearly the leader – stepped forward and delivered an answer to her question. He was a tall thin man with brown hair tied up in a ponytail, late twenties, possessing an athletic presence and a self-possessed spirit that bordered on pomposity. Willie Axelberg was his name and he loved rhetorical engagement for its own sake and even more so when he could use it to promote his ideological agenda. In this endeavor, he enjoyed the fervid support of a front organization known as No More Crosses. Members of the front group were with him today and had even brought along their own cinematographer to insure their calculated disruption of the burial of Specialist Henry “Hank” Gunther went viral.

Book 3: Don't Disarm us

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