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Blood and Treasure Series - Book 3
by J.S. Bradford

A brilliant attorney comes up with an ingenious scheme allowing gun owners to secure their weapons in a "Firearms Preservation Trust." It's even better than the 2nd Amendment, plus there's a tax deduction! But when an intrepid paralegal named Darla discovers the hidden agenda of the trust, she vows to shut it down.  

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From Don't Crucify Us...

  Gigi leaned in. “Here’s my idea. We take on the big dogs at the top of the gun pyramid and totally demoralize them. We do that by eradicating their Freudian obsession with firearms.”
  Clive was skeptical. “I’m a lawyer, not a psychiatrist. How’s that work?”
  Gigi squiggled enthusiastically in her chair. “I’m thinking we identify key gun collectors, persuade them to yield access to their rare gun collections, and then, once we get our hands on the collections, we grind up their guns until there’s nothing left but a giant pit in which we symbolically bury the Second Amendment. It’ll be totally demoralizing, especially after I capture it all on film.”
  “You know they’re never going to let you get away with that.”
  “They will if the setup is so artfully deceptive that they won’t know what’s going on until the curtain drops. Plus, it’s all going to be legally consensual. That’s where you come in, baby.

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