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Hawkman - Book 2
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre


Nancy Gilbert is terrified that she is going to be killed by the same person who killed her sister, and she comes to Hawkman for help to find the killer.

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From Double Trouble...

   "Tonia, wake up," called a harsh male voice.
   "Who the hell?" She threw back the covers and struggled to get up. Glancing at the clock, she cursed. "Damn, I've only been asleep an hour."
   She eased out of bed and clutched her head. Wrapping her robe around her nude body, she staggered toward the window and peered out.
   "Dear God, what does he want?" she muttered, motioning for him to go around to the front door.
   Her cat, Cyclone, leaped off the bed and followed Tonia into the living room where she opened the front door only as far as the chain allowed. "Drew Harland, do you know what time it is?"
   His slate blue eyes met her stare. "Yeah, dammit. But I need your help."

Book 3 - Silent Scream

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