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Warders - Book 3
Dragon's Den
by Armen Pogharian

~ Available in Paperback ~

An agent is killed, a magical artifact is stolen, and a rogue assassin appears in Eridan. All are connected to the Chaotic Order, but what is their link to ancient tales of dark elven sorcery and dragons?

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From Dragon's Den...

“No survivors, Mistress. Most of the throng looks like this one…” Ishk gestured with his lower right arm toward the corpse, “or worse. They’re all either burned, torn to shreds or a combination of both.”

“Tell me what happened here,” she commanded.

“The stronghold looks very similar to the scene we found at the Gremoul tower. All of the bodies are Rakshasa or other demons known to be in your service. The garrison put up a fight, but they were clearly overwhelmed.” After a short pause, Ishk remembered the severed claw he’d recovered from the body. “Whatever new creature the enemy has conjured, it’s got large claws and can generate a lot of heat.”

Book 4 - The Necrotic Knight

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