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Book 2
by Dana Davis

~ Available in Paperback ~
Arizona witch Daisy Hammel- Kavanaugh recently survived a terrible enemy and has the scars to prove it.  Just when her life seems to be returning to normal, a young cousin recruits her for a struggle that will determine humanity's fate.

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From Desert Magick: Dream Catcher...

   If you have to hook up with a siren, at least get a damn good-looking one. Of course, from what Daisy had read about them, yummy pretty much described sirens in general, male and female.
   “Can I help you?” the siren said in a seductive voice that made her skin hum.
   Noah, who stood next to Bridgette out of sight of the door, gave Daisy a worried look, but she offered a discreet wave of her fingers. He’d taken days off here and there to help, ever since the siren had landed in Phoenix. Daisy was glad to have him here today, especially since a male siren’s powers would have no effect on him.
   In three steps, Bridgette joined her, eyes narrow and dangerous. “Actually, you can help me.”
   Recognition crossed the siren’s face and he opened his mouth. Daisy’s ears rang with the most beautiful singing she’d ever heard, a soothing tenor voice that elicited sex and joy. No words, just beautiful notes that filled her with warmth in all the right places.

Desert Magick: Day of the Dead (Bk 3)

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