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by Alan J. Garner


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A collection of linked stories based loosely on Alan J. Garner’s own childhood. It's a hilarious and fanciful romp covering the trials and tribulations of a boy struggling to make sense of his life while dealing with everyday growing pains.

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From The Long and Short Adventures of Eamon Birdsley...

   Suddenly and scarily, the ground underfoot shook. A deep-seated rumble, more like a mumble, came along for the ride. Earthquake! popped into Eamon’s mind. Hog’s Bay was periodically shaken by the Earth’s movements, a by-product of the tectonic plates jostling for position far belowground. ...
   Eamon’s body took over from his scared-stiff mind. Acting independently, it left his slower brain behind. Surely as fleas fly and flies flee from a can of bug spray, the terrified boy fled through the ferns. Fronds slapped his thighs and face. He tripped on a ground vine, pitching headlong into a tangle of creepers. Eamon’s overactive imagination caught up to its clumsy body and retook control. He thrashed about as flashes of the jungle coming alive in the form of wriggly snakes panicked him: vines became vipers, creepers turned into boa constrictors, all entwining him in their cold coils. Weirder still, the stems of the giant ferns morphed into stepladders.
   Eamon was caught in a hideous game of Snakes and Ladders!

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