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Death Chronicles Trilogy - Book 1
by Jon Zimmer



A beautiful hallucination named Angelica draws scientist Michael into a  battle for the dominion of Earth. Dominic Dred has managed to leave a place where life continues after Earth, to return in an attempt to be its ruler. Can Angelica and Michael save Earth from Dred’s plan to become its deity?

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From Earth...

   Sitting directly in front of him in a lounge chair was a person. As his vision returned to normal, he could see that the figure was a woman. A very beautiful woman. Michael was speechless. Here was a stranger in his home, sitting directly in front of him with a subtle smile on her face.
   Michael couldn’t speak. He had questions to ask. “Who are you? How did you get here? What do you want?” But he couldn’t articulate a single word.
   There was a reason why he couldn’t speak. This person, this woman, was the most incredibly beautiful being he had ever seen. She had shoulder-length, natural blond hair, and eyes that made a beautiful, clear day seem dull. Her bronze skin appeared pore-less. And even though she was seated, what Michal could see of her body belied a figure that both men and women would die for. What Michael saw sitting across from him was absolute perfection.

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