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by Bryan K. Prosek

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As the government’s perfect scapegoat, Jake becomes caught in the middle of the conspiracy and a galactic threat that could destroy the planet Earth. Jake must evade capture by Earth’s government and, at the same time, fight not only to save Diane, but also to save Earth.

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From Earth United...

   Jake sat alone in the front row of the Legion Headquarters meeting room. After a tough day, this was where he liked to go to think, and remember. The hole in the wall was repaired, new doors had been installed, and the other damage cleaned up. The room now looked exactly as it had from the air duct vent that night eight years ago. No memorial. Nothing. They even still used the room for an occasional meeting. Jake felt his pulse quicken and his fists clench. The government wanted to act like nothing had ever happened. They didn’t want people to think about it. They didn’t want people to remember. But he would remember. His Uncle Ben fighting to his last breath. All those Legion soldiers so outnumbered, taken by surprise, massacred. And Romalor’s face as he killed Ben. Yes, he wanted to remember. He would always remember. Why else was he in the Legion?

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