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The Restless - Book III
by Will Molinar


Hector Brightblade, the diabolical wight lord, has wrested control of Drakenhof Castle from the embittered humans. Hector has his long-favored prize...but how long can he maintain control with the Lich Master Vanis Loman's power unleashed, threatening to undo all that the undead lords have accomplished?

From Echoes in the Night...

“What is about to happen is a new king is going to be crowned at Drakenhof Castle,” Tomes said. “I wonder if you might have heard?”

Jazlo shrugged. “We are privy to some news of the castle, yes. I have heard some rumors.”

“But what you haven’t heard is what matters.”

“Tell me.”

“You faced and defeated a vampire some six years ago, did you not?” Tomes said.

Jazlo stared. He had trouble finding his voice. He flicked his eyes back and forth between both men. He felt his voice tighten. He swallowed. “You are referring to Marcus Ravenholt.”

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