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by bf oswald

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Hidden under his late wife Ellen’s bed, Bill Lewis finds four boxes of stories she wrote during their marriage that he knew nothing about; stories that reminded him of people they knew, places they had been, and events they had shared during their life together and that became for him echoes of Ellen.

From Echoes of Ellen...

   I took one of the stories to bed with me. Once comfortably settled, I began to read it. I am not an avid reader – I seldom complete a book I start – so I won’t claim to be a critic. But the story held my interest and I finished it before turning out my light. During the next week, I read the rest of Ellen’s stories. I liked every one of them.
   But they really aroused my curiosity. Most were about women and no two characters were alike. Also, they were set in different times and in a variety of locations. From where had she gotten the ideas for them?
   One of the stories in particular tugged at my memory; there was something vaguely familiar about its setting. I picked through the stack of stories on my desk and retrieved Return to Punkin Center. I settled back in my chair and started to read it again. I was halfway through it when I remembered.

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