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A Pocket Guide for Writers
by Debi Staples

~ Available in Paperback ~

An EDITOR'S PET PEEVES is a pocket guide identifying the most common mistakes made by many writers and offers tips on how to identify and correct these mistakes. It is just as useful for the beginning writing student as it is for a professional writer and includes sections on Structure and Form, Punctuation and Grammar.

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From An Editor's Pet Peeves...

   I am all for writing because you are simply passionate about the craft. But when it comes down to it, if you want your work to be published, it has to be written well.
   So I created this book of quick hints and tips to get you started down the road to publication – or, for those of you who have been writing for years, to improve on your current and future works, as I believe it’s never too late to learn something new. Of course, there are many books out there on grammar, punctuation, and other technical aspects of writing – and I suggest you take a writing class if at all possible – but this book can show you some of the most common structural problems writers make that are “pet peeves” editors have, which could make the difference between your book being chosen over the next guy’s or its being passed over. And for good measure, I’ve added a few tips for some of the most common grammar and punctuation problems seen in manuscripts today.

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