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by Dr. Debra Laino


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ELEVEN REASONS WHY WOMEN CHEAT gives the reader an idea of the reasons why women are taking their sexuality into their own hands and openly talking about it.   Dr. Debra Laino explores women’s most secretive behavior in this enlightening book.

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From Eleven Reasons Why Women Cheat...

In a world so full of sexual stimuli, it is no wonder why people of both genders have affairs. Whoever has cheated, or is cheating on their partner now, knows the reason why. There are some, if not many, instances where the only one who knows the reason(s) why they cheat is the person cheating. Admittedly, at times partners are aware or become aware of the situation during the course of the affair. The reality is, for whatever reason, women do cheat and seem to be cheating even more now. Whether this is a new phenomenon or whether women are just more open about it is irrelevant. The fact is, the infidelity rate is climbing to astronomical levels on the woman’s end of the spectrum. With this being said, there are countless reasons for this behavior and finding a definitive answer other than “men have been doing it for years” is likely to be difficult.

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