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The Life and Times of El Tigre Viejo
by John H. Manhold



The life and times of Johann Heinrich  von Manfred, a young Prussian who became a Texan, a Californian and then an American in the post-Napoleonic Era. 

From El Tigre...

   “Señor Juan, there has been much activity at the jail. There are three very rough looking, well-armed men who have entered the building in the last few minutes. Do you think they know of our plan?”
   “Possibly. Has any of your clan started to move?”
   “They have all gone. Six of our people are quite old and started several hours ago. They moved very calmly and said to neighbors that they would meet the group in a couple of weeks when we all moved. Their conversation was loud enough to make it appear that they were moving ahead so as not to delay the group on the journey.”
   Johann took charge. “Sandupard’s spies have probably told him some of your people have gone, but he is probably not overly concerned. His mistake. ..."

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