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by Clinton Festa

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Lillian Paisley lost her saintly mother when she was too young to  remember.  Her prayers are answered when her mother returns in the form of an enchanted concert grand harp.  A fast-paced book filled with quirky characters, THE ENCHANTED HARP is a story of love, humor, music, and miracles.

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From The Enchanted Harp...

  What is this? she wondered, approaching something that looked like a giant oven mitt. Taller than I am. She unbuttoned a cloth cover and set it aside. A harp? Beautiful. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one up close.
   The harp was a rich brown color. It was made of wood, but the base was shaped like the bottom of a marble Greek column. And the harp did have a column, about as thick as an arm. It was grooved and decorated, designed to be as beautiful to look at as it was to listen to. All harps are fashioned this way. After years of play, many slip into disuse and become furniture. The column rose to just over six feet tall, where it met the curved upper portion called the neck. The neck sloped down then up, meeting the broad part called the body and the soundboard, which tilted to rest on a harpist’s shoulder when he or she played. The base had seven black pedals. The soundboard held forty-seven strings, which also attached to the neck in a series of intricate bridge pins and tuning pins.

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