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by Patrick P. Stafford


RESOLUTIONS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS AND OTHER EPICS is a gauntlet thrown down, a call-to-arms and action, an appeal to the “better angels of our nature,” an impetus to think and consider, a command to believe and try, and an assertion that people everywhere can contribute to changing and bettering the world in small or great part by simply first desiring, attempting and then changing a small portion of themselves.

From Resolutions of Epic Proportions and Other Epics...

On Cold, Dark Nights

But somewhere out there
I have seen you
and have encountered you
when the nights
were not so cold or dark.
You were there long ago
or many years from now,
but like a dream
that was not too far away to reach.

Still, you were only a dream
and I somehow always knew
I would never find you.
But nevertheless,
I keep the dream
and continue to travel,
and wander these lonely streets
brave and undefeated.

Not because I am
a hopeless dreamer,
but because such dreams
can keep you warm
on cold, dark nights.


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