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A Collection
by Neal McKenna


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In this collection of short stories, McKenna introduces you to a world where freakish events turn the lives of ordinary and not-so-ordinary people inside-out.


From Evil Little Stories...

   She went to the intercom and switched it on. Water continued to run into the tub. “Jamie?” There was no reply. “Jamie?” The trickling sound was now closer.
   Not exactly knowing why, she moved to the stairs. Wetness steadily flowed.
   “Jamie,” she shouted, bolting up the sodden stairway.
   Warm water streamed from the bathroom at the end of the hall. She ran miles before reaching the door. The room was empty. Bubbles billowed in the tub and overflowed onto the floor. The box of Mr. Sudzee floated lazily, moving with the flow of the water.
   Not wanting to, she knelt beside the tub. She held her breath, looking at the bubbles. Someone else’s hands reached in, parting the white froth. Nancy Bannert screamed, thinking she would go mad.

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