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Adventures at Legend's High
by HJ Taylor


Legend’s High is a school for those with extraordinary gifts.  When a new  boy with a haunting past enrolls in the school, he plans to steal what the six Fabulosa friends deem dear… their super powers... and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

From The Fabulosa Friends...

   What kept drawing him there? As if crouched in the tall grass scouting a herd, Tamer studied the scene. Just when he was about to give up, something happened.
   A weird eddy took several pages of J.K.’s lesson into the air and away from his reach. The pages twisted and turned in awkward, even impossible motions. Naturally, Tamer searched for the movement causing the commotion, at the same time ducking further back into shadow.
   Tamer Wayne hadn’t felt the intruder which was alarming. He never left himself vulnerable. Surely an outside force had caused what he observed. Hypothesizes began to conceive.
   A quick surveillance went blank. The reason must be simple, he thought. There was no one to see. Yet, from another sense, and another view, there sure as heck was. Had to be. Despite his impossibly better than perfect vision displaying not a soul except poor, fumbling J.K., there was somebody else there. Through a sixth sense, he imaged a female. Who, he wondered? Never in his life had he seen anything more fantastic!    

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