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by William M. Mays

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At age sixteen, George inadvertently kills a mob rival. Wanting a fresh  start, he elopes with the love of his life, Kelly, but she soon abandons him. Twenty years later – when he has become a mob boss – she reappears. But does she still love him, or is she helping his enemies set him up as revenge for the mafia killing?

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From Family Obligations...

   The guy trembled with rage, and the barrel drifted away from George’s neck. In what seemed like his only chance to survive, George hit him in the head with the padlock with full force, used a full swing with follow-through like they told him to do when he played softball at school. The case-hardened steel connected with a crack, and the man’s skull crumpled under the impact. The gun discharged, a deafening blast inches from George’s ear. The hound dog across the street howled. The guy collapsed, his eyes rolling up in their sockets, his body going slack, his legs buckling underneath him, and he crashed to the ground.
   Then silence. The smoke drifted in the air, shifting into patterns illuminated by the swaying lightbulb.
   Even as the blood and gore pooled under what was left of his head, George expected him to get up.

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