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A Mike Malone Detective Novel
Book 2

by D.B. Woodling

~ Available in Paperback ~


After FBI Director Stanos is killed in a car bombing, Detective Mike Malone is determined to find his killer. His efforts hampered by the FBI, Malone eventually discovers a cover-up by a faction known only as The Committee and their chief objective . . . balancing the national budget at all costs. 

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The earlier traffic had been brutal in lower Manhattan and Mike had decided to leave his car in the East Village and hoof it. The pedestrian traffic was even worse now as he attempted to claw his way uptown. Men, women, and children froze, mindlessly stationary as they stared at the smoke which might as well have signaled 9-11. His instincts confirmed a car bomb long before his eyes did. The destination site wasn’t surprising; the lack of damage was. The New York City FBI’s field office remained intact, a good majority of its agents already swarming the burning vehicle.

He flashed his identification, which—depending on the agent you encountered—was about as effective as producing a Boy Scout Badge. Professionally, most FBI agents were heroes. Personally, all were douches, at least to the NYPD.

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