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by Margaret Marr

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Ramona and Abraels’s hunger for each other runs hot, but a present threat  and an old enemy may rip them apart, before they can come to terms with their turbulent past and succumb to their deepest desires.

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From Forbidden Wolf...

Easing the basket of non-existent goodies to the leaf-strewn path, Ramona reached beneath the red-checkered cover. Abrael was right. No cookies nestled in the bottom of this special basket. She pulled out a silver dagger and slowly rose. Eyes wary, she glanced from one dark shadow between the trees to another.

An electric current pulsed in the air. Something foul watched her from the edge of the woods. Its malevolent gaze raked her body, its mind hungry for more than just a bloody kill. She shuddered at the thought.

Something intelligent.


Murderous and full of blood-lust.

Not the werewolf she sensed behind her. Something else. Something far more dangerous.

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