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Book 4
by Steven Fisher


Patrick Sparks has surpassed his father’s ability to travel the multiverse, and the lords of Aifor are not happy about it. As with Fragger, they want the secret of his talents. If they can’t have it, then they want Patrick dead. He’s caught in a toxic stew of repeated assassination attempts by his enemies and betrayal from within.

From The Blood of Fragger Sparks...

   The mission was the same today. Kill a young boy.
    But Gunny Hathcock didn’t have to deal with the son of Colonel Fragger Sparks, Jin reminded himself as, below, the boy hurled himself off a 200-meter cliff for the fifth time that morning, and then, inexplicably, disappeared into thin air.
    Until he’d arrived, camouflaged by a Gilly suit and the earlier fog, at the spot 2,000 meters above the cliff, Griggan hadn’t really put much stock in the stories about Patrick Sparks.
   He was a believer now.
   The damned kid can go into hyperspace on a personal level… or jump through multiverses… or whatever the hell his ability is. Nobody really knows, but it’s damned impressive!
   He’d already had numerous chances to shoot the boy, but had been fascinated by the leaps off the cliff and by the fact that the man, woman, and girl accompanying Sparks had seemed to display no qualms about letting the kid leap into the void.

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