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by Cynthia MacGregor



If you could use a few more friends in your life, this book will help. The Friend Quest discusses where and how to meet friends, friends at a distance, problematic friends, friends whose interests don’t mesh with yours, and even more aspects of the search for friendship in this world.


From The Friend Quest...

Yes, friends are necessary… and not only in the bad times but in the good. When you have good news, you want to share it. You want to call up your best friend, or your four closest friends, and shout out the happy tidings. Your new job. Your promotion at work. Your engagement. Your new baby. Your kid brother’s acceptance at M.I.T. or Harvard. The offer from a publisher to publish your first book. The honor you were just awarded for twenty years of selfless service to the organization for which you’ve so tirelessly volunteered. The fact that you’ve finally sold the house you’ve had on the market for nearly a year. The fact that the medical tests came back negative and it isn’t cancer after all. The fact that, while sifting through a bunch of old coins you found in the attic, you discovered a rare double-strike fido that’s very, very – did I mention very? – valuable. Sharing good news with friends enhances your feelings of euphoria, joy, or even garden-variety happiness.

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