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by bf oswald

The former owners of a Florida Gulf coast hotel are ghosts who host the untethered revenants of guests who visit the Haven and share their stories of different lives...
and deaths.

From Ghost Haven...

   I took one of the stories to bed with me. Once comfortably settled, I began to read it. I am not an avid reader – I seldom complete a book I start – so I won’t claim to be a critic. But the story held my interest and I finished it before turning out my light. During the next week, I read the rest of Ellen’s stories. I liked every one of them.
   But they really aroused my curiosity. Most were about women and no two characters were alike. Also, they were set in different times and in a variety of locations. From where had she gotten the ideas for them?
   One of the stories in particular tugged at my memory; there was something vaguely familiar about its setting. I picked through the stack of stories on my desk and retrieved Return to Punkin Center. I settled back in my chair and started to read it again. I was halfway through it when I remembered.

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