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Shattering the Barriers of Anorexia
2nd Edition
by Dory Maust

~ Available in Paperback ~


A woman's quest for attention while  paradoxically striving to remain invisible becomes the leading role in her life. Can her soulmates's unrelenting love unlock the cure for Bianca's Anorexia, or will the eating disorder claim the ultimate victory?

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From The Glass Windows...

A sudden burst of pain in his skull ricocheted in every direction as his car catapulted into the air, out of control. He heard himself screaming while strikes of bright light flashed in his mind; his vehicle began to flip and then it skidded through a barrage of rush hour traffic. Other drivers in its path were suddenly thrust into a ferocious danger zone, and harsh, high-pitched screeches echoed in the air as they panicked, kicking their brake pedals hard to avoid a collision. Jeff’s body, trapped beneath a tight seatbelt, felt the sharp edge of the tether slice into his shoulder when his car came to a near fatal crash against the metal guardrail. Suddenly all was quiet for him, and he hung dazed, humped over the steering wheel. He could feel the hot trickle of blood dripping along his face as he peered through the shattered windshield. Black smoke slowly began to rise from the hood. He could not move, but in that moment he saw her; her beautiful face smiled at him from the shadows of haunting memories while he surrendered to folds of darkness in a bittersweet illusion.


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