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Vampire Bible
by Justin Lee



When the president of the United States finds a benevolent vampire in the Oval Office, she learns that a madman intends to bring about Hell on earth and install himself as king. Only by joining together can the human and immortal races hope to survive.

From The Goddess Child I...

   “You must have many questions.” Skyler motioned me toward a small stool in the corner.
   “You said I wasn’t bitten. What did you mean?”
   “That’s complicated.” Skyler began pacing the room as he tried to answer my question. “In all my long years, Willamina, I have never encountered one such as you, and as far as I can tell, you are absolutely unique. But more than that, you are very special indeed.”
   I knew he meant well and I’m sure that in his own mind, he believed what he said, but he didn’t know me. After all that I’d done tonight, I felt sure that words like unique and special no longer applied to me. I was nothing more than a blood-thirsty monster!
   “You’re wrong,” Skyler said, plucking the thought from my mind again. He knelt down in front of me. “I do know you, perhaps better than anyone else in the world, and if you let me, I can show you everything you’ll need to survive as you are now.”
   “As I am now,” I repeated the words in a whisper. “What am I?”

Book 2: The Goddess Child II: Armageddon

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