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Vampire Bible
by Justin Lee

~ Available in Paperback ~


The first prophecy has been fulfilled. The Goddess Child has been resurrected, the Black One has risen, and the vampires rule a nuclear wasteland. With the world in chaos  and most of humanity living underground, Armageddon draws nigh… and an ancient being has taken notice…

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From The Goddess Child II...

   Billie’s return was of such power and import that it was transmitted through the Great Connection for all to see, whether they kept faith with Willamina or not.
   She had contemplated these events over and over in the past three months, but always came back to the same questions: why had she been returned to the world? How should she use her power? Should she overthrow her father and impose her will on his followers? Or perhaps take a higher road and use her gifts for the cause of good.
   If that was her choice, Billie knew the war would continue until the dead lay rotting in the streets and the world could scarcely support human life. But at least her conscience would be clear. No, she thought as she walked the halls of the US Capitol building. There has to be another way. It would be wrong to abuse my power. Free will must be protected.

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