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Maxcine & Isabel

by Sharon Kull



Shortly after witnessing an attempted convenience store robbery, two senior women realize someone is spying on them. They are bound and determined to find out why.

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From Soup or Gold...

   Bert, the thug with the gun, shot a bottle of Scotch on a shelf behind the clerk. That shut him up. “Okay, everyone!” he shouted, aiming at the old women whom he had learned possessed an untold amount of gold bullion. “Do as you’re told and no one will get hurt!”
   Maxcine shot him in the left knee, and Isabel began taking pot shots at the other two thugs with bags of rice. By all rights, the senior Sykes sisters should have cowered into their orthopedic sneakers when they first noticed the thugs had entered the store. Not knowing why themselves, they had taken an aggressive stand. There was no turning back.
   Isabel looked to Maxi for help. Woe was her that she had left her own revolver at home. That’s when she saw many small bags of flour on the shelf beside her. Grabbing one, splitting a hole in the paper with her thumbnail, she threw the bag toward the thug who had been shot.

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