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by William Norris


What is the link between a philandering televangelist and the first man to set foot on Mars? Why should the President-elect of the United States attempt to conceal the identity of the man who kidnapped and murdered his infant son? And what on earth has all this to do with Charles Lindbergh, the Great American Hero?

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From The Gonzago Principle...

   No wonder everyone loved him.
   It was a good crop tonight; more than a dozen converts anxious to be saved. That was what Timmy always called it: a crop. He had planted the seeds of the love of Jesus in their hearts, he said, and now he was reaping the harvest. No doubt about that, she allowed herself to think irreverently. The harvest had been rich indeed. Helen chided herself for the thought. Wasn't he doing God's work? And didn't the Good Book say that the laborer was worthy of his hire? All those people who said it was wrong for a preacher to be so wealthy, to drive expensive cars and live in grand houses - they were just jealous, that was all.

   At last the final new-born Christian received his blessing, and the Reverend Timothy Grayson launched into his invocation. Less an invocation, really, than an exhortation to the faithful to get out their check books and send more money. Well, thought Helen defensively, everyone had to live.



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