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Hawkman - Book 10
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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Private Investigator, Tom Casey, better known as Hawkman, took on a fifteen year-old cold case presented to him by Becky Simpson. Little did he realize the twists and turns this investigation would take. When he decided to dig up the rose garden at the Simpson house, he came upon a startling discovery, which brought in the police.



From Grave Web...

   “Do you realize without Dad, I’m all alone. You’ve at least got a wife and a child on the way. I’ve got no one.”
   He gave her a squeeze. “Hey, you’re still young. You have plenty of time to find the right man.”
   She glanced at her brother. “You know what I’d really like to do?”
   He shook his head. “No, what?”
   Find out what happened to our mother.”
   Cory straightened and removed his arm from around her shoulders. “Why do you want to go digging into the past trying to find the whereabouts of Mom? She left years ago and never made contact with either of us.”

Book 11 - The Lure of the Witch




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