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Tales of Inspiration, Terror and Reflection
by Neal Parks


Journey into a world of limitless possibilities, unbelievable miracles, bizarre space and time rifts, and encounter spirits that cross the paths of the weary, the faithless, and the lost and help them rewrite their futures!

From Haunted Holidays...

   “Check that out, Stacey,” Kristin said.
   “Who could that be?” Stacey replied, softly chuckling.       The dark figure stood silently watching them, without moving. The longer the person stood there, the louder and more obnoxious the girls became.
   “Look everyone, it’s the Grim Reaper!” one of the girls shouted.
   The girls burst out into laughter.
   The shadowed figure started to move toward them, silently shuffling in their direction.
   “Oh no, he’s on the move!” Kristin said to the group.
   Within inches from the group of girls, the shadowed figure completely vanished and a blast of intense heat filled the hall where the girls were standing. It left behind the stench of burning wood and ash.
   “What just happened?” Stacey shouted.
   “Who was that? Where did he go?” Kristin asked.

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