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Help for Healers and Healing Seekrs

by Joanne Amorosi


Discover how broken hearts, sick souls and defeated spirits can impact physical healing. While not everyone can and should be healed, the book outlines how to use conversation, touch, intuitive tools and proper intent to bring about miraculous healing benefits.

From Heart Centered Healing...

There are many successful and good doctors and healers practicing medicine today. They care about their patients, stay current on all of the latest treatment options, encourage their patients to get the care they need, and believe that the patient will improve or get well. Some have deep religious beliefs and call upon God or some other entity/being to assist them in their healing.

But what is also required is the desire on the part of the sick person to be healed, a belief that they can be healed, and a willingness to submit to the treatment that is required. The patient must also be open to the exchange of energy that occurs during a healing.

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