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A Journey to Second Earth
by Frank D. Rogers


Charlene Watkins has put together a crew of four scientists and one highly intelligent little girl who are willing to travel on a starship that was built with the best technological components known to man.  However, the ship has a human component…a former death row inmate, Sansker, who did not sign up for the trip or the enhancements that came with it.

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From Heartless: A Journey to Second Earth...

   Craig sat up. “That guy is crazy. Didn’t you see the newsfeed? He took out several of the Reverend’s bodyguards, before stabbing him. He did all of this despite being shot six times.”
   “Charlene, please tell us that this is some kind of joke.” Maria stared at her for a moment and slammed her fists on the table.
   Charlene flinched.
   “You have got to be kidding,” Maria said. “This is a sick joke.”
   Charlene held up her hand in her defense. “It’s not a joke, Maria.”
   “Then, start over. We can find somebody who isn’t homicidal.”
   “How? None of us are getting any younger and it took us eight years to find him!”
   Maria turned away from the table for a second.
   “We should give it a chance,” Bobby said.  
   “I have to agree with Maria,” Craig said. “We are talking about spending millions on a psychopath – that could compromise our entire operation.”
   “Not just compromise our entire operation.” Maria turned to Craig. “It could get us killed.”

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