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by Philip Smith


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Danys is a prince cheated of his throne and shipwrecked on a small archipelago. By ingenuity and luck, he finds a way to save the world from tyranny. 

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From Heart of the Sea...

    Beer or ale is the ordinary beverage of sailors. For them, wine marked a ceremony of survival. They knew well that finding the islands in the middle of the ocean represented the best luck any of them had experienced.
   “A toast,” said Garrid. “To a good ship that weathered the storm.”
   “A good ship,” agreed Danys and Hamid.
   “To an intelligent parrot,” said Hamid, “who brought us to safe harbor.”
   “Intelligent parrot,” chimed Danys and Garrid.
   “To a safe harbor in the heart of the sea,” said Danys.
   “Safe harbor.” They all drank the third toast. Danys repeated part of his toast, mostly to himself, though I could hear him.
   “The heart of the sea.”

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