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An Optimist's Guide to Life
by Philip D Groom


HEROIC QUEST delivers everything you need to get motivated and happy, all in one place. Easy to understand, easy to use and easy to read. Results guaranteed!

by David Thomas GMM
Philip has put together a book which is unique. He has that incredible skill that is given to a chosen few. The ability to write like he is talking to you over the garden fence while hitting you on the back of the head with a frying pan of a brilliant idea.

He writes with passion and infectious enthusiasm. Every word is infused with his total belief in what he shares. He has the humility to know when he needs to bring in expert ideas that are not his own but then injects his down to earth humour to make it not only very readable but easy to understand.

Integrity, desire to help others, and a bunch of cracking ideas that can make a massive difference. What more do you need from a book?


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