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Going Home - Book 3
by Chaya Benady

~ Available in Paperback ~


Two bachelors face life-altering decisions during the holidays in 2014. And two Jewish couples come to understand the true meaning of love, honor and commitment in a small Jewish Baltimore City community.

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From Hezekiah's Hullabaloo...

Dear Diary:

.... Gershon is a broken man, temperamental and no stranger to indifference. Abba says he is neglecting his family and he hired a nanny for Nachshon. I have not seen the baby but there is the voice inside of me that keeps whispering. Could that be Aryeh pressing me to do what is noble and yet so excruciating? Would he truly want me to marry a soul as bitter and detached as Nachshon’s father solely to save the child from neglect?

I am writing to tell you that it is done; I have chosen. I have told my father I will agree if Gershon agrees but I will not go to America until there is a genuine offer. But I won’t wait long and time will tell me if it is meant to be. He has six weeks to decide. I want a baby too and I am watching the calendar closely.

Book 4 - Shulamit's Piece of Mind

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