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Going Home - Book 5
by Chaya Benady


When six single Jewish cowboys leave marriage out of their inventory list their mother, a schizophrenic nuclear physicist and self-proclaimed matchmaker. Her efforts result in a comedy of errors and a few surprises.

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From How to Rope a Mensch...

  “Eliana, are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” Yigal’s hand was on the doorknob.
  “It’s alright, Yigal. Sara is picking me up and taking me to lunch. I’ll see you tonight.”
  Nodding, he kept a leash on the urge he had to look one last time at the married woman seated with her husband, a lady whose full attention rested on her homework – almost. His exit was briefly detained when the man beside her departed for the rest room. She straightened before yawning, and once he was gone, expelled a long breath she felt she had been holding for months and then turned, only to be smacked by the intense stare of Yigal Cohen glued upon her. The moment their gazes locked, they each felt an intense flash of heat tear through them, the kind of chemistry reuniting souls who had known each other in other lifetimes and their hearts felt the excitement of a stronger beat.
  “I’m Eliana.” Seated next to her, she spoke pleasantly. “Shulamit, is it?”

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