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Hawkman - Book 9
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre


Hawkman is assaulted, his house set afire and his wife threatened. Who is doing this to him and why? And what does it "Ragdoll' cat named Miss Marple have to do with this story?

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From In for the Kill...

   “This call is for Jim Anderson. If you’re there, please answer.”
   She immediately jumped to her feet with a pounding heart. No one had used Hawkman’s birth name since Dirk Henderson, the double agent who wanted to kill her husband several years ago. Trembling, she stared at the instrument’s blinking red light. This could be another nemesis out to get him.
   After a slight pause, the voice said, “I’ll call back later.”
   The click of the hang-up left her reeling. She paced the floor and ran trembling fingers through her short, curly brown hair. This would definitely upset Hawkman. When he quit the Agency, he dreaded the day when someone from his past would find him.

Book 10 - Grave Web

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