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7 Tales of Enigma
by I.M. Tillerman


In this collection of stories, mysterious things seem to happen, from a South Dakota farmboy discovering that he is the last person on Earth, to a professor living next door to Superman, to a nocturnal appearance of an alien spacecraft outside of a motel room in Des Moines.

From Innumerable Variations...

He needed to check one final time before rendering his verdict. There still were no cars, or vehicles of any kind, on the gravel road that ran parallel to his side of the house: nothing east, nothing west. The docile and loveable Holsteins – Gertrude, Hattie, Beatrice, Genevieve, Clara, and Penelope – were not leisurely munching on the grass and weeds in the meadow across the road, as they always were at this time of day in July. He opened the thick magazine to the short story, “Knock,’ a second time and paged into it a bit. To his utter dismay, he could read the entire paragraph that began, “Walter opened his mouth to answer, and then closed it again.” This could not be a nightmare because in one, he would not know such specifics, having never memorized any passage except the opening one. Closing the magazine slowly, he took a deep breath, wiped away a couple of tears with his bare wrist, and informed his ceiling calendar of his judgment: “It’s true, Mr. Hopalong. No clinging to faith can change it. This is not a dream. I was right the first time. I am alone. I am the last person on Earth.”
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