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A Cold North Wind - Book 2
by Brenda Roberts

~ Available in Paperback ~

When a young priestess is abducted, the warriors of her clan move to rescue her.  But will she go with them when they find her, or loose everything the Mother Goddess told her she’d find with the barbarians? 

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From In the Fatherland...

   As Areesa accepted the challenge set before her [by the Goddess], she was awakened by the sharp tones of a language she neither understood nor wanted to. Only two things made her leave her eyes open; her stomach grumbling loud as the thunder had earlier and the smell of food hovering over her head. She sat up. Seeing that it was yet another woman, she simply nodded regally and took the offered plate of food. A stew of some kind, she thought as she looked at the mess of vegetables, fruits, grains and the strings of skinny rabbit.
   “Thanks be to you,” Areesa spoke to the woman. The woman shrugged her lack of understanding and shouted something at her while motioning to eat. I am not unhearing, Areesa thought, grumbling even as she dipped her fingers into the gruel. For such a strange combination of foods, in her hunger, it seemed the best meal ever served.
   After the meal, she was taken to the silken tent of the War Lord – Carlin, she had heard others call him. She knew now, after her visit with the Goddess in dreamtime, what would happen but it still did not prepare her; nor did it make her want to do what she knew she must.

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