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by Dave Hinrichs


The disgruntled bank manager has come up with a plan to get rid of his wife without a hint of scandal, steal his bank’s money and marry the sexy teller with whom he is having an affair. It is a perfect plan… all it needs is the help of a crooked lawyer, a professional thief and a sex pervert.

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From In the Shadow of Dreams...

Callison was what the people in the trade would call a second-story man. He had been working at his trade for the past sixteen years, since he was too young to drink. He had run afoul of the law once during that time and that was when he had made the mistake of taking on a partner for a job. He operated quietly, methodically and always unarmed. He did not like confrontation. He had been forced into confrontations too many times growing up in a string of children’s homes, juvenile detention centers and foster homes. He detested violence because it was always the result of a miscalculation. There would be no mistakes on this job. The mansion had been thoroughly cased, the plan had been worked and re-worked until it was foolproof, but he knew, of course, as he folded the diagram and put it in his shirt pocket, no job was foolproof.

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