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by Cynthia MacGregor

It’s tough to be a teenager under any circumstances…and even tougher when your romance goes awry. But here’s a book that will be a good friend to any teen girl who finds herself in that position. Let It’s Not the End of the World guide you and help you through your break-up. It’s a friend indeed!

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From It's Not the End of the World...

A Few Words Before We Get Started

   This book doesn’t promise to magically soothe all the woes of a break-up.
   I don’t deal in bull.
   But this book can and will help ease the pain and make the break-up easier; help you transition out of the relationship, back into the world of not having a boyfriend again; and eventually into another relationship. This book will be your guide, your friend, and your helper, if you’ll follow the advice in these pages.
   A popular song back in 1962 proclaimed, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.” The song sold a lot of copies because it spoke a universal truth: Breaking up is hard to do. And in some ways it’s even harder for a teenager than for an adult.

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