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by Christie Shary


'Jenny's Homecoming' is the heartwarming story of young love lost to war; the mourning of this special love, and finally, of love regained.

From Jenny's Homecoming..

   Jenny McFadden stood barefoot on the front porch of her parent’s log home, wearing only a flannel nightgown, her long dark hair hanging down her back in a single braid. The official government telegram quivered in her hands. Too afraid of its words, she could not read on, knowing all too well what war meant. Her dreams and visions had forewarned her over and over again, even though she tried to blot them from her mind as quickly as they appeared.
   Her brown eyes filled with tears as the telegram slipped through the cool clamminess of her fingers and floated down to the wooden front porch, still blanketed with the previous night’s snowstorm.
   She clutched the railing for support and looked toward the Teton mountain range in the distance. The craggy peaks glimmered in the early morning sunlight, still swathed in a mantle of fresh snow. Yet she didn’t really see them. Her mind was in a faraway jungle, fixed on a vision of David, so real that it transported her there.
   “No, David... please, no...”

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