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In a Single Bound - Book 1
by I.M. Tillerman

~ Available in Paperback ~

In 1952, an eight-year-old South Dakota farm boy is visited by a strange phenomenon in the sky. When the visitors leave, he finds out he can fly! But should he tell anyone? And what should he do with this extraordinary gift?

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From Jongen's Gift...

Wishing to get a better view of the northern sky, [Jonny] stood up, turned around slowly and bent over to tiptoe the few steps to the apex of the roof. Standing with one slippered foot on either side of the ridge gap singles and holding the TV mast in one hand for balance, he scanned the breathtaking panorama before him. When his gaze reached the end of its 360 arc, he noticed that there were no stars above the entire grove of trees and centered over the towering, 100-foot Sentinel. For a moment, he thought the blackness resembled an elliptical pattern, but he knew that was impossible. As he watched, that lightless disk moved slowly in his direction, blocking out other stars in that same oval shape as it approached. Grabbing the antenna pole tightly now with both hands, the miniscule farm boy didn’t budge. He barely breathed. When the circular shaped object stopped over him, it seemed to be so low that it blocked out virtually all of the stars overhead.

Book 2 - Beginning's End

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