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by Joe Freitus


Take musket in hand and join Josiah, a freed black man, as he experiences the adventures of the Cherokee, Virginia and Kentucky frontiers, romance and the beginning of the French and Indian war in 1754.

From Josiah...

   ... The rain splattered against his face, coating it in ice. He decided to rest for a moment, just long enough to catch his breath, then attempt to get up. Yes, he sighed. He would rest for a few glorious moments, then resume the struggle for life.
   The violence of his body shivering startled him into the realization the heat thief was robbing him of valuable internal body warmth. He strained to open his eyes but the ice prevented it. He rubbed them with his hand. Rolling onto his side, he managed to reach out and grip the base of a small tree.
   Pulling himself erect, he began the routine of stumbling over the ice-covered trail, falling down, resting for a moment, then getting up and resuming the struggle. How long could he do this before he did not get up but remained on the freezing, ice-covered ground? The critical point was the slow, false, but delicious sensation of warmth that would increasingly permeate his chilled body. The specter of Death was next. The choice was still his.

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