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The Keg Wars
Book 2
by Joe Freitus


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Join the privateers as they become participant’s in one of the most dramatic changes in warfare, during the Revolutionary War. The whaleboat privateers employ a new weapon devised by David Bushnell, the floating keg mine. Learn how the direction of history is changed forever.

From Yankee Privateers: The Keg Wars...

   “When is this great feat of the new war supposed to happen?” she asked.
   Before Josiah could form an answer, a series of shattering explosions filled the air. A fast moving rush of air covered the surface of the Sound as the blast sent a shockwave in all directions. Fifty miles away, windows rattled, trees swayed, horses protested and birds desperately flew into the air in confusion as the pressure wave smashed through Colebrook and beyond.
   Miss Molly came running toward them. “Dear God, what was that?”
   With a smile, Josiah answered, “Dear ladies, we have just witnessed either a great or tragic moment in history! What just happened is a new form of warfare invented by Master David Bushnell. If all has gone according to plan, we have just destroyed a British merchant ship without out placing a single man from Colebrook in harm’s way.”

Book 3 - Yankee Privateers: Black Swan

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