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by Beth Szillagyi

Join Danny and his family as they learn how to garden and be good to the earth at the same time. From learning where the autumn leaves disappeared to that got tilled into the garden to visiting the local greenhouse, Danny has fun the only way he knows how!

From Lady Bugs!...

   Oh, it was finally spring! Danny and Amber had been pining away for spring since right after Christmas. They were anxiously awaiting the sprouting of the tulips and daffodils they had helped their step mom, Ellen, plant in the fall.
   Some of the bushes in their yard had tiny green buds, so they knew it wouldn’t be long. The robins had come back, too, and Danny had seen some geese flying north the week before. He was all ready to get out his summer clothes. It would be swimming weather before you knew it.
   The children were also looking forward to helping in the garden. Their dad, Bill, had told them they could pick what kinds of vegetables they wanted to grow. Danny had decided to plant corn and green beans, and Amber wanted cucumbers and cantaloupe.


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