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Moon in the 8th
by Laura Lynn


Ariel and Brad are ready to begin their happily ever after together. But between the disdain of their respective ex-spouses, the mayhem caused by their children, a surprise visit from the stork, and a hidden enemy who exposes a deep dark secret from Brad’s past, the two of them can’t get any peace.

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From Ariel and the Lady of the House...

   I knew my imminent conversation with Josh was going to suck and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I was glad to have Stella by my side. Not that a three-year-old could protect me from her father’s wrath, but at least he might try to temper his reaction knowing she was in ear-shot.
   Yeah, lots of luck.
   At this point in the game, my daughter and I were living with my best friend, Frankie. We moved in right after Josh and I initially split up a little over a year ago. It was high time I gave Frankie his guest room back. Also at this point in time, Josh still didn’t know Brad and I were seeing each other. This was a little problematic considering I was shacking up with the guy in a matter of weeks.

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