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There's Nowhere to Hide
2nd Edition
by Dory Maust

~ Now Available in Paperback ~


This psychological mind-bender breaks open one of the world’s dirtiest little secrets, including Pakistani kharkar labor camps, and Islamic terrorist nuclear capabilities in the Middle East and elsewhere. Even the reader may begin to question: What is reality, and what is an illusion?

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From The Lansing Project...

   “I told you. My name is not Heather.” Growing frustrated, she groaned. “And what’s wrong with the museum?”
  Elizabeth watched the lights move through the numbered buttons on the elevator wall, gauging their travel through each floor. “It’s not a museum anymore, Heather. It’s a prison. Please trust me and don’t mention it. For now, just tell everyone you’re Heather Sullivan and…” Her shoulders sagged with the weight of the situation. “Tell them you were late getting home from dinner with friends. Just keep it simple for now.”
   “I don’t understand. Why would I be in trouble for that?” Elizabeth met her eyes squarely, trying to digest the woman’s comprehension of the new world. “You were out past curfew and so was the cab driver. And he was a priest, a Catholic priest.”
   The woman’s eyes narrowed with the first hint of understanding. “So what does that mean? It’s a big deal if a Jew catches a ride with a priest?”
   Elizabeth sucked in a breath of shock so quickly she coughed and began to tremble. “Heather, stop it! Seriously, stop it!”
   “Stop what?” Angry, she moved painfully on the thin mattress. “You’re starting to make me feel like some kind of prisoner here. Last time I checked, this was America.”

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